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If you are interested to study about Osteopathy then there are about 34 osteopathic medical schools in the US that offers the Doctor’s Degree in Osteopathic Medicine (DO).

To be an osteopathic doctor you have to first complete a degree in clinical sciences at a university. And then have a major in osteopathic studies, then you follow that with a postgraduate study and qualification in osteopathy – a path very similar to what other doctors undergo.

And many osteopathic students also study a degree in health science and applied science (osteopathy).

Prerequisite subjects are also needed, like knowledge in one or more of English, mathematics, chemistry, biology and physics are normally required. And then entry to postgraduate courses usually requires the accomplishment of a suitable bachelor degree.

Entry into these universities can be highly competitive and sometimes applicants may be required to attend an interview. Different universities have different prerequisites so it would be best to do a quick research about them beforehand.

And there are certain skills that an osteopath must have to be a good practitioner. You have to be interested in science and health, good knowledge of human anatomy, good hand and eye coordination, good communication skills and be good with people.

There are many countries outside the US that offers the same doctorate degree. And with the success of osteopathy, there is a great demand now for Osteopathic Doctors. There are many medical conferences held worldwide promoting its benefits and effectiveness.