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3 Ways to Keep Your Muscles and Bones Healthy

There are many ways of keeping the body healthy and some of the best ways are to treat symptoms without the need for drugs. Pain, for example, can be controlled naturally. The human body has a way of dealing with injuries and pain.

There are ways of increasing the healing capacity of the body or improving its immune system.

A holistic approach to the treatment of the body

While other forms of treatments only focus on specific problems or specific areas of the body, osteopathic techniques look at the relationship between all organ systems of the human body as well as bones, muscle tissue, and the overall function.

Osteopaths can treat a variety of problems and address a lot of symptoms that relate to stress for example. And coupled with good personal fitness even at your home the body can be developed to function better and that includes recovering from injuries or illnesses.

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Improves Your Immunity

According to The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, osteopathic treatments have been shown to increase lymph flow.

And it was suggested that it may also increase levels of something referred to as slgA (An Immunoglobulin A (IgA) also known as antibody. An antibody that plays a critical role in the immune function of our mucous membranes.)

An increase in the slgA is present in people with high levels of emotional and psychological stress. This increase in slgA can protect us against the higher risk of upper respiratory tract infections.

A study way back in 2001, where it was published by The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, was conducted involving volunteers that gave their saliva as samples to measure slgA levels before 20-minutes of Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT).

The conclusion showed that there was some positive effect and some increase on slgA levels in volunteers that were experiencing high stress.

As mentioned already personal fitness comes into play when it comes to the immune system. It has been observed that a person with a good physical condition can withstand and recover from injuries quicker and can also resist illnesses due to better immunity.

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Reduces Back Pains

Many osteopaths specialize in back pains, and there have been many cases where OMT can help alleviate these pains. There are many people suffering from back pains, people who are working in offices and those working in the field – like farmers or construction workers who do backbreaking labor.

And the studies have shown that OMT treatment has shown a significant reduction of back pains, back pains that have not shown any improvement with the treatment of drugs.

Now it’s amazing to think that some of the OMT techniques have a close resemblance to the techniques being employed by physicians in Far East Asia. The technique of manipulating the muscles and bones for example to increase the lymph flow is similar to the techniques of increasing the “Chakra” or “Chi” flow of the body.

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