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2 Reasons Why Your Child Should Start Osteopathy & Personal Fitness

We need to prepare our children for what lies ahead for them. One of the ways to prepare them is for them to develop a strong immune system and develop bodies that are physically fit.

Now children can get injured or get sick easily enough. But these injuries and ailments that they get are actually part of growing. For each new injury, they develop better muscles and mentally they remember to avoid getting injured again. Ailments like colds and coughs are illnesses that must be cured naturally.

For the body to develop a strong immune system it should be given the chance to develop those immunities. Immunities are developed when the body overcomes viruses. With each newly developed immunity, the system becomes stronger.

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As parents, we should encourage our children to be more active physically. Encourage them to train with us when we do exercises. Cardio exercises are very good exercises that children can do. Limbering exercises should also be encouraged.

The muscles and the bones should be strong but at the same time limber and flexible.

Now it is very possible for children to develop injuries due to incorrect training or incorrect recovery method. Most of the time when our children participate in sports, injuries happen during training and during games.

And with the wrong treatment injury becomes chronic. And this can be a devastating effect on both the child’s self-esteem and physical health.

Osteopathy for kids

Children’s and baby’s skeletons are still very soft. Osteopathic treatments are gentle massages to encourage blood circulation and improve the joints. The aim is to encourage better blood flow and flexible muscles.

Joint pains sometimes happen when the child has a growth spurt. A gentle massage and stretching on the joints can relieve the pain. Your osteopath can then offer advice on how to properly train and improve rehabilitation.

For adolescents, back pain can happen with bad posture. And scoliosis can also develop – this is where the spinal cord develops a curvature. Osteopathic treatments can correct this curvature without the need for an invasive surgical procedure to correct it.

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