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2 Disorders That Osteopathy Can Treat

Osteopathic Treatments does not really just focus on back pains. There are other disorders that are best treated with osteopathy. The fact that osteopathy has a holistic approach and a far less invasive approach compared to other treatments makes it better for a patient to seek the help this way.


Since osteopathy works on the muscles and the joints then it is also one of the best ways to treat arthritis without the need for drugs. And arthritis is really painful to a lot of people. It is an ailment that can hit just about anyone. You could be strong with a well-developed physique but still, develop arthritis.

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Arthritis is the inflammation of the joints. The main symptom of arthritis is the pain and the stiffness that you feel in your joints. And arthritis gets worse as you age. The pain will force you out of your activity.

If you like to golf, well, when you have arthritis you won’t be able to hold on to your club.

The two most common type of arthritis is osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Osteoarthritis is one of the reasons why adults everywhere become disabled with pain. This is most common in the 45 and above age group. However, there have been many cases where osteoarthritis develops in young people as well.

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition of the joints. This is where the smooth cartilage lining in the joint is torn away. The damage to the cartilage lining causes friction and inflammation, therefore, causing pain and stiffness.

Without treatment, the cartilage becomes more and more damaged and bone spurs may develop. This will further the problem – causing more symptoms.

Your osteopathic doctor will focus treating osteoarthritis by releasing the tension around the affected muscle and joint. This will encourage blood flow and better lymph flow. This increase in flow will greatly reduce pain while also increasing flexibility.

And since the osteopath will also work on the entire body it will also result in the improvement of the overall circulation.

The techniques that will normally be employed will be gentle massages and articulation, stretching of the joints and then they will advise you of exercises that you can do at home to further increase strength and flexibility.

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Sport Injuries

Almost everyone plays sports. Sports are a huge part of many people’s lives. And the wide range of sports activities is a means to keep fit and also as a hobby. And the injuries that happen are because of people playing too hard or when people do not do the proper warm-ups and stretching beforehand.

And age can also be a reason why injuries happen. Young people put in greater effort while playing sports and older people do not take note when the demands are too much for them.

Sports injuries are common but they are treatable. With the right treatment, injuries can heal quickly and rehabilitation is easy.

Osteopaths can help treat sports injuries and can also help the players perform better. They can help restore the structural integrity of a joint or muscle while helping the player develop better mobility thus improving performance.

An osteopath will encourage the damaged joint and muscle to a wide range of motions. This will help reduce pain and stiffness. The increase in motion will also improve blood flow. An osteopath will also look for the source of the pain rather than treating pain with a pain reliever or muscle relaxant.

The gentle massages in the soft tissue will increase the lymphatic drainage and decrease the tension and stress in the affected joint. Nutrients will be free to flow into the affected area increasing the natural healing.

An osteopath will achieve these treatments without the need for drugs or surgical treatments. Just by the use of touch and physical manipulation, the muscles will feel less tension.

Stretching and massaging will increase the blood in the nerves helping the tissue recover and heal.

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