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Osteopaths – Are They Your Doctor or Your Fitness Trainer?

Osteopathic medicine is actually a branch of medicine. They are licensed to practice medicine and even surgery. They are doctors.

However, since osteopaths follow the philosophy of looking at the human body as an entire system, they can be great fitness trainers as well. They have great knowledge of anatomy and health science.

They know how muscles, bones, and joints work. They know how much a body can take. They follow science when they treat and diagnose a patient.

To be an osteopath you have to earn a degree in clinical science and then do a postgraduate study in osteopathy. They go through similar things that other medical doctors undergo in order for them to earn their doctor’s degree.

Aside from all the clinical and scientific knowledge, osteopaths must have good communication skills and be able to engage easily with people.

But osteopath follow a less invasive way of treating their patients. They will encourage natural healing with little or with no usage of drugs/medicines. They believe that the body has a natural healing capability and that their role is simply to encourage it.

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By gently manipulating the muscles around the body blood circulation is increased.

Some of the techniques of osteopaths bear close resemblance to the arts of healing in Asia. Where physicians will heal the body by simply allowing a greater flow of “Chi”.

This knowledge and understanding make osteopaths great doctors for healing physical injuries from sports, arthritis, back pains, pregnancy-related pains and other chronic pains.

Their knowledge of the human muscles and bones makes them good fitness trainers since they can advise on what exercises a person can do without the risk of injury.

If a patient has been injured due to physical activity an osteopath can help in the rehabilitation by scheduling exercises that increases flexibility and decreasing pain.

They can be good guides to better physical fitness because they will take care not to injure with too much physical strain.

The combined science and knowledge of osteopathic medicine are good for people who are suffering from obesity, people who have osteoarthritis and people with chronic back pains.

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