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3 Reasons Why Osteopathy & Personal Fitness Can Help Your Back Pains

Back pains are one of the most common ailments that we get in our lives. We will all experience it at some point in our lives. We could be happily waving at our neighbors and then suddenly we are holding on to our backs as pain receptors are over flooded.

Back pain is often described as a normal thing, just another part of being human. We shrug it off and move on. However, there are people who experience back pain a lot and have already sought the help of doctors, medications have been given already and for some, popping a small pill has become normal.

Of course, when you have back pain it feels like a normal thing and it is. The human muscles can only withstand so much before it gives out. And normally we recover from these pains quickly enough. But it stops being normal when back pain continues and become a chronic issue.

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Treating the source of the injury

The common way of treating back pain is to have a bed rest. And if you have ever tried this, then you know that it can sometimes make your pain worse. This happens because the origins of the pain are not really being addressed.

Some people would advise you to stay still or stationary to reduce the risk of feeling more pain or worsening the injury, but the limiting movement will actually increase the likelihood that back pain will continue and become chronic.

Treating the whole body

Taking a whole-body approach and not just focusing on certain areas are the best ways to alleviate back pains. Normal daily movement, improving mobility and light exercises are more effective for most people with back pains rather doing stuff that strengthens a specific muscle group.

Treating yourself with light exercises

Short sessions of movement or exercise on a regular basis will allow you to avoid additional strain and it will maintain good blood flow allowing tissues to heal naturally.

A more relaxed back muscle is sometimes better than strong ones. Doing gentle stretches and flexibility exercises to keep your back muscles limber – giving you a more relaxed back.

By doing slow gradual stretching this will encourage your muscles to relax and soften. It helps to make your movement to be more natural.

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