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2 Types of Stress That Are Bad for You

Stress has been a topic in medicine for decades. And despite how much evidence and stories are being presented, our societies, in general, have not come up with a workable solution.

Stress affects your body and mind at the same time. And stress gets to you without you knowing it. People around you will see it but you won’t mind it being there.

Stress is not like a gaping wound on your shoulder. If you had one then you’d be rushing yourself to the nearest OR and get it stitched. But the crazy thing about stress is that people will put more importance on broken bones, lacerated muscles, high blood pressure, and diabetes than getting the stress out of their body and their lives.

Both your osteopath and your personal fitness trainer can help relieve your stresses.  In osteopathy, the body as a whole will be taken into account. An osteopath will work with your muscles and your bones to make them more pliable and resistant to stress. Stress is basically the tension that you feel in your body and in your mind.

By working to flush out these tensions your body will then start to heal naturally without the need for medicines or drugs. The body itself has its own healing abilities and by simply allowing the body to heal on its own, allowing the natural immune systems to fight the illnesses then the body becomes stronger and more durable.

A personal fitness trainer can also help in a somewhat similar way. Thru exercises and cardio-vascular training, the body becomes stronger. A stronger and healthier body would also mean a better immune system.

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However, osteopaths are also great fitness trainers and have greater training on how the muscle works, how bones are affected.

It is advisable to seek help from an osteopath when dealing with stress-related symptoms.

Physical Stress

There are common symptoms of stress on the body – headaches, muscle tension or pain, chest pains, fatigue, change in sex drive, sleeping disorder and many more.

And when we are feeling these symptoms, we ignore them and associate them with something else. For example, when we are feeling some chest pains – our immediate reaction to it is that we’ve eaten too much steak.

We do not consider the possibility that we are eating because of stress and that the chest pains were brought on by stress.

In osteopathy, stress symptoms are relieved by working on your muscles.

Osteopathy can help the human body to heal and regulate itself by taking out the barriers to recovery and encouraging a rebalancing of the body’s internal environment via muscle manipulation.

An osteopathic physician will work on the areas along the spine where our autonomic nervous system is, we will then encourage a rebalancing between the sympathetic and parasympathetic components of the body.

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We can also work on the symptomatic areas using techniques to help reduce muscle tension and soreness, and restrictions within the digestive and respiratory systems of the body. There are also simple exercises that can be done at home to help maintain the body’s equilibrium and manage the physical effects of stress.

Emotional Stress

It’s basically a combination of anger or irritability, anxiety and depression. And these emotional stresses can manifest into behaviors. Like a sudden drop in sexual drive, over-eating, rapid heartbeat, insomnia or sleeping disorders, stomach upsets and fatigue or low energy.

Now in cases of emotional stress osteopaths would then recommend you to a specialist.

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