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Personal fitness is something that many people need but neglect all the time. Most of the time people will just give an excuse not to take care of their bodies, not to take the time to give something back to themselves.

But, probably, the best way to help these people is not to get into their faces and tell them to get in shape. Maybe what they need is inspiration.

I’ve always been inspired by good writers and good blogs. Because bloggers are people, like you and me. They are not writers hailing from Oxford College of Medicine or writers with several PhDs or famous people with chiseled bodies.

Bloggers are just your officemates, your next-door neighbor or a kid who likes to play in the park. Bloggers are people we can relate to because they share our struggles and our frustrations.

So here are some Personal Fitness Blog Sites that could provide inspiration to the uninspired.

As mentioned on her blog she is a fitness blogger and a personal trainer. And she could be someone you know. And that’s what makes her blog what it is. You can relate to it. She tackles issues and ideas about personal fitness that anyone could relate to.

In her website she talks about herself, her family, her child and where personal fitness fits in all of this. There’s a lot about pregnancy and the struggles that mothers have to face.

Not just emotional struggles during pregnancy but about how staying in shape during pregnancy can be tough. And how raising a family can sometimes get in the way.

She talks about herself and what goes on around her as she continues doing personal fitness. She also emphasizes being beautiful within by becoming more confident and overcoming the insecurities that develop over time.

There are also products on her website that you can buy – things that women want. She also gives out discounts to selected stores and gives advice on what you purchase.

Now, this website is mostly focused on women but there is a lot of stuff here too that men can read about and be inspired about. This is one website that can make personal fitness inspiring.

Ace Morgan has been voted 4-times as San Francisco Bay’s Best Personal Trainer. He is also a parent and with decades of experience providing training to different clients.

His website also includes videos on how to train your muscles the right way – giving you the best results for your workout. The videos are always being updated and new content is being added frequently.

He also talks about how everyday stress can have an adverse effect on your body’s physical health and how it affects mental health as well.

His website also talks about nutrition, about what food to avoid or limit.