icon - AboutAlternative medicine has come a long way since the days where they were met with disbelief. Time has proven that healing comes to be done in different ways. In Asia, particularly in China, the practice of alternative healing is a proven and popular way.

In South East Asia there are doctors that have started to experiment on alternative medicine/healing.

It is no longer uncommon for a doctor to suggest treatment without the use of drugs. In the last several decades the practice has always been to treat patients with drugs. Pain killers, muscle relaxants, suppressants and various antibiotics were always prescribed on every visit to the doctor.

However, the human body has its own healing abilities – abilities that we have neglected and forgotten how to use.

In other parts of the world, in less developed countries where there are extreme cases of poverty, patients have very little means to access the medicines/drugs that are available in the US and other first world countries.

And in response to this, the healers or the doctors in those regions were forced to go back to how we treated illnesses or maladies in ancient times. It was found that these ancient techniques were really effective.

And osteopathy is the manipulation of the muscle tissues and the bones of the human body with a wider and more holistic approach compared to a chiropractor.

Personal training and physical fitness have also proven its worth on giving the body more durability, more ways to resist muscle degradation and improve the body’s immune system.

Hopefully, this website will encourage more people to try healing techniques that do not involve the use of prescription medicines or drugs.